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Tips To Follow During Taupo Trout Fishing Nz To Catch A Rainbow Trout

Tips To Follow During Taupo Trout Fishing Nz To Catch A Rainbow Trout

Monday, 12 March 2018 20:57

There are some tips and techniques to follow apart from the selection of proper bait and lures to catch the most rainbow trout during Taupo Trout Fishing Nz. To start with, if you are fishing in an unfamiliar lake you should usually start from that end of the lake where there is a stream or any other moving water is flowing in. These are the specific spots where you will always find fish to congregate. Set up a rod with a floating worm and cast that out. Also put a strike indicator, a rod holder and fish with a lure for about half an hour. If you find no hits, change the spot.

Fishing In A River
If you want to fish in a river rather than Trout Fishing Lake Taupo then there are specific ways to catch a rainbow trout. You will need to concentrate and focus more on slower moving pools and other spots that have large rocks with slower moving water. Trout usually move away from the fastest parts of the water and do not like to sit in the current. This is because they get tired very easily. They usually wait in ambush in specific spots that are outside the current waiting to dart out to things that float by for a meal. Trout usually rises for insects or to chase a baitfish on the surface and therefore look for such activities to know the presence of trout. Therefore, you should try to float your lure or bait in the same way so that the trout imagine it to be a bug or a worm or even a fish.

The Spots To Choose
You will have an easy catch of rainbow trout in a river as you will have in lakes but you will need to know where to get the big rainbow trout. Alaska is the most famous place to house some of the largest trout. If you want you can also try out your hand in Fly Fishing Taupo Nz for a trophy rainbow. Apart from that you will find good rainbow trout of 8 to 12 category in the Jurassic Lake in Argentina.

Techniques To Follow During Taupo Trout Fishing Nz

Techniques To Follow During Taupo Trout Fishing Nz

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 19:52

The prime intention of Taupo Trout Fishing Nz is to have a memorable time with the maximum catches made. Well, fishing in a lake is not easy and will not always provide you with the desired results. It requires a lot of patience and most importantly proper techniques should be followed while catching the fishes. You may think that the knowledge that you gathered from the internet will provide good results but more often than not you will confront with dissatisfying results. Moreover, the trout fishing techniques that are available on the internet or any fishing guide book are often above the level of understanding of most of the beginner anglers. Therefore, follow these simple techniques to ensure that you have a big catch.

Use Inline Spinners

You can use the inline spinners for Trout Fishing Lake Taupo as you may know that these small bait fishes are the most favourite diet of most of the stream trout. These bait fishes are even more popular among the bigger trout and the inline spinners are the best baitfish imitators. These spinners pack well and you can cast easily. These are snag free with a treble hook that will allow you to have a better catch. Though you get different other options, these spinners are all time favourite and are still as effective as it was in the olden times.

Nymphs And Live Bait

Most people may suggest you that good bait for Fly Fishing Taupo Nz are the dry flies but the problem is if you only use dry flies you will end up with a lot more fishing but without any effective catches. Most of the trout love to feed on nymphs and other sub-surface food. There are different types of it to choose from that include Scuds, Woolly Buggers and soft plastic nymphs. You also get bead-head nymphs that will double up your opportunities. You can also use live bait if you are okay with the hackles involved, with all puns intended. These live baits include minnows, night crawlers and even crawfish. You will have to know whether or not using live bait is legal in the area you want to fish in as well.

Hiring Fishing Charters For Trout Fishing Lake Taupo

Hiring Fishing Charters For Trout Fishing Lake Taupo

Friday, 19 January 2018 21:45

eap fishing charters come with their characteristic consequences and inherent risks. If you are looking for cheap fishing charters then you must be very cautious and judicious in making the choice. That is the reason it is always advised that you stay clear form the natural intent of any human to want to have a good deal on anything based only on the cost factor. Though it is primary factor but is should not be the only factor of consideration. Chap choices based only on the price factor will eventually prove to be a bad idea as more often than not low price brings several other things along with it. Therefore, think about the other factors and aspects as well while making your choice.

The Things That Come Along

If you hire cheap fishing boats for Trout fishing lake Taupo you will find that these boats are much smaller as well as older than its costlier variants. You will eventually and invariably run into the risk of being uncomfortable especially when the unpredictable weather at sea turns rough suddenly. Even the crew and the captain will not be up to the mark as far as efficiency, proficiency and training is concerned. They will also be paid less and the tackle will not be maintained properly. Just as the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true and good for all aspects in life including hiring the fishing charters.

 Look For The Value In Return

Therefore, instead of the price you should look for the best value that you will get in return for hiring a good fishing boat. A low price charter will always prove to be costlier at the end of the trip proving your belief of getting the best deal wrong. You will not get any proper help and support from the crew who are not trained properly. They will not put in any real effort to enable you to catch the best and most fishes when you go for fly fishing Taupo NZ. Therefore, you will be missing the fresh bait, fresh line and above all the experience and expertise of a first rated crew. 

Go Out For Trout Fishing Nz

Go Out For Trout Fishing Nz

Thursday, 21 December 2017 18:40

Fishing out in a lake or into the deep sea can be fun filled experience and memories provided you take some care and precautions beforehand. There are few things you need to know when you go out for fishing in a lake, not only about the fishing techniques but also about the rules and regulations so that you do not end up with any legal hassles. This will enable you to have a memorable fishing experience and also to get the most out of the expenses of hiring a fishing charter.

There are few lakes specially dedicated for fishing that have no closed season but there may be some that follow a different schedule. Therefore, you must know about such schedules beforehand so that you do not have to return empty handed, literally speaking. Know The Restrictions In most of the times you will see that Trout Fishing Nz involves trolling with either flies or lures. In lost lakes no bait fishing is allowed and for that you will have to hire operator that us a combination of downriggers.

This makes trolling and harling easier but this will also depend on what time of the day you are fishing. The results of such efforts will also depend on the condition of the weather, the time restrictions and much more. Apart from that, when you go for trout fishing you must know that trout cannot be sold or bought and therefore the only way to have it is to catch it successfully. Keep Your Catch In order to keep your catch from Lake Taupo Fishing Nz the minimum length of the fish should be 40 cm from the tip of the nose to the V of the tail.

If you have caught any undersized fish then you must return it to the lake whether it is dead or alive. Care should be taken while releasing the trout. You will have to unhook it without touching by straightening the hook with a help of a plier while the fish remains underwater all the time. You should never rip the hook out or squeeze the fish. Use a soft and knotless net to measure the fish keeping it inside the net.


winter fishing fantastic

Monday, 24 August 2015 12:00

The Taupo spawning tributaries are red hot, Tongariro,Tauranga Taupo, Hinimaia in particular are fishing really well. I have not been on the Waiotaka or Waimarino but word is they are also having some red hot days. There are quite a few anglers about, particularly on the Hinimaia but if you can find a piece of water you will find some fish. Lots of pressure can mean fish with mouth clamped shut !! The usual flies, glo bugs, gold beads, pts all working. The fishing should remain good throughout September, then the vast majority will be heading back to the Lake to begin the cycle again. We can then look forward to the Browns making their appearance December onwards. 1st Octobers heralds the opening of the Rotorua Lakes and a lot of our back country rivers. This is always an exciting time to fish with plenty of eager fish to take your fly. Cant wait !

Taupo winter spawning runs

Taupo winter spawning runs

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 12:00

It's June, its raining and cold but we have plenty of nice fat rainbows in our rivers to keep us entertained. It's not exactly summer dry fly fishing but it is still FUN, we still have plenty of sight fishing to be had, actually more than our summer fishing. The rainbows have been running since early April, nice fat silver bullets, eager to take your fly and strip your reel of fly line. The Waitahanui, Hini, TT, and Tongariro have all had some good runs of fish. Glo bugs and gold beads have been the staples , nothing has changed there nor will it. The standard 8lb maxima, split shot and indicator and you cant go wrong. If you want to get into some of the action and need a guide for a day or two give me a call. I can get you set up with the right rigs, show you some  'hot holes' and you will be away. If you would like something a bit longer i have a winter fishing special i am running at the moment. Grab a mate, 5 nights accommodation in our  'Bach', 3 days guided fishing for $950. This will run till 30th Sept.


Summer Cicada Dry Fly

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 13:00

Summer is here, rivers are low and clear, big terrestrial insects are everywhere, cicadas are in plague in some river catchments and the trout are crashing big dry patterns, can it get any better, i don't think so. We have not had a settled dry summer like this for a few years, the backcountry fishing is simply fantastic !! Wet wading is the way to go, only way to stay cool !  Big cicada patterns have been doing the work for me but you must let them eat it, slow count to 5 !!  Big browns are in all the tributaries and plenty have been caught in the lake, i have landed three, 2.8, 3.0, and 3.6 kgs in the last 2 weeks. All have been caught on the downrigger around the 100ft area in the thermacline but have been trolling in 300ft of water. Color has been silver/green    

December 2014

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 13:00

December 1st is the opening of the upper limits of our Taupo spawning tributaries and can offer some outstanding fishing as these fish have not seen an angler since 31st of June. My choice was a raft trip on the upper Tongariro which is a great day out combined with some stunning scenery and outstanding fishing. The upper river was full of fish, all rainbows, some in quite good condition. The pools all had fish in them but it does require a good length cast with heavy nymphs to get to the fish. Some of the smaller side shoots were much easier to fish and we had some great dry/dropper action in the skinny water as well. Some fantastic fishing in the Wanganui and Whakapapa rivers produced some outstanding fish, both brown and rainbows although hard to find at times. A four day raft trip produced some of the best fishing and company you could have. Most action was on the dry/dropper combo with my seal fur nymph doing the damage, large rainbow and browns smoking the reels and making the arm ache. On the local side the Lake is fishing well, i landed 15 yesterday trolling with a green/red cobra in a 100ft, jigging going well with ginger micks. The rivers are hard going, if you put the work in you will do ok but it is not easy. We live in one of the best fishing locations in the world so get out there and enjoy what NZ has to offer.

Where is Spring !!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 13:00

Hands up for those who are sick of this cold windy weather we are having ....!! As far as the fish are concerned they are quite happy but it is not exactly wet wading weather for us fisherman. Just simply finding some shelter for some enjoyable fishing is priority number one, being able to get the fly in the water with a reasonable drift is key, the fish are there, well in the back country rivers at least. The local rivers have slowed with a few fish here and there but you really have to work for them, small naturals, long leaders etc. December the 1st is the opening of the upper tributaries and should provide some great fishing. I am doing the upper Tongariro raft trip, there will be a number of rafts so should be fun. I then have some back country trips and a 4 day 3 night raft trip with a regular client which will be fun so am flat out early December. I have just got a 'go pro' so will be uploading videos on my you tube channel which you can find on the front page of my website. Please subscribe. Have fun out there and stay safe

Backcountry October fishing very good

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 13:00

Have been away exploring this seasons backcountry rivers checking what changes to the rivers and what size and numbers of fish there are (someone has to do it) and i am pleased to report that all is good !! Some of the fish are in excellent condition after spawning/winter and will be absolutely stunning come March after hopefully a good cicada season. There are however plenty of recovering fish as well, some rivers have simply that while others have sections of good fat fish and sections of recovering rainbows. The browns are in great condition. I have not had any action on the dry fly as yet although the dry/dropper is certainly doing the work as is the standard nymph/indicator rig. I am starting to upload some footage on my u tube channel and will be putting up video's on how to tie my favorite seal fur fly so click on the tab on my front page and please subscribe. Thanks to Shane French from Dragon fly river guides for the photo's, Cheers Brett

Backcountry river Taupo

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 13:00

Have just had a couple of days guiding on my favourite remote river with a couple of my regular clients. The weather forecast was gale force winds with squals/rain so not so great for flyfishing but i was hoping it would be shelterd where we were going. As it turned out the wind was not a factor but a flash flood in one of the tributaries gave us some problems on our return trip but before that we had some outstanding fishing with 3 nice rainbows in the first half dozen casts which set the standard for the day. The fish were all good size but recovering from spawning which is to be expected at this time of year but the browns were great conditon with with a beautifull gold/brown colour. We only fished for 4 or so hours landing close to 20 fish, i was a bit concerned about getting through the tributary on the quadbikes, the river was up the mid thigh in depth and we had to cross it going upstream which made it more difficult but with some ropes attached and one riding we managed to pull them accross but drowning the transmission in one of them which we had to leave and retrieve the next day after finding out out to do some bush mechanics on u tube !! Next day we fished upstream with much lower numbers of fish but they were in much better condition landing 6. The last pool we got to big heads were rising right through the pool, a great sign for hopefully a great dry fly season.

Opening Day 1st Oct 2014

Friday, 03 October 2014 13:00

Wednesday you would think people would be hard at work supporting the economy....nooo, they were all on the Whakapapa river fishing the water where i wanted to fish ! It was a stunning day, start of the school holidays, the rivers were low and clear and the anglers were out in their droves. I was going to fish with some mates on Lake Rotoiti (they sent me a photo of a 3.6kg rainbow) but thought i better scout some rivers prior to the guiding season. Despite anglers above us and below we did manage 4 solid Browns and 6 rainbows in 4 hours so  can't compain. The rainbows were recovering but the browns were in very good condition averaging 5lb with one close to 7lb. We moved upstream only to fing 6 cars in the carpark....time to head back for a nice cold beer ! Next day we headed East, Murapara area where we fished 3 streams, catching recovering rainbows in all 3 with one very nice fat maiden fish amongst them so had another good day. We only saw 1 other angler who said the day before was very busy with most anglers landing half a dozen or so fish . All in all a great opening weekend on the rivers, lots of anglers but also lots of fish.

Smoking Trout

Smoking Trout

Sunday, 14 September 2014 12:00

Smoking Trout as any fish is an art form. I have had plenty of over smoked, over cooked dry smoked fish that is only edible with a cheese sauce or like. Sound familiar ? First job is looking after your catch. Kill it quickly and keep it as cold as you can. Bury on the edge of the river bank in the cold water or if in the boat you should have an ice slurry or like. Cold set flesh is much easier to fillet. Once the trout has been split or filleted i simply sprinkle salt (or your favourite mixture) over and leave for an hour or so. (some people believe brown sugar helps the fish to go a golden colour but this is a total myth) .This removes most of the moisture from the flesh and stops your fillet from dripping on to the sawdust. Everyone has their favourite smoking device. I use an old dishwasher which i have stripped down and 2 oven trays for my smoking racks. For a heat source i use methylated spirits placed in 2 baked bean cans. The larger the surface area the faster and hotter the burn rate so i go for smaller diameter cans. I fill these to half full which gives me a 1 hour burn time, perfect for up to 4 fish. Everyone has their favourite wood, i use Manuka or Pohutukawa sawdust, about 2 handfulls is plenty. The beauty with this system is that once the smoke has started i know exactly how long and how hot every smoke will be. 


Taupo fly fishing

Taupo fly fishing

Sunday, 07 September 2014 12:00

A good run of fresh rainbows went up the Hini yesterday,chrome bullets, very hard to see even in clear water unless looking down on them. Some anglers lucky to be in the right place at the right time had some awesome action as the fish shot straight through to the upper reaches of the river and to safety from the anglers. Bright orange Glo bugs work well on these fresh uneducated fish and 8 to 10 pound test is needed as well. Once the fish have been in the river for a few days the attraction of the glo bug wears a little thin and the fish will scatter at the sight of one, that is the time to use small natural flies. The lake is tough going as most of the mature spawning rainbows are in the rivers with a lot of smaller and recovering fish left in the lake. If you get lucky there are plenty of Browns in the lake as these fish won't enter the river systems till December. They are not easy to catch and there seams to be no particular fly or lure, just luck ! 

Spring Fishing

Spring Fishing

Thursday, 04 September 2014 12:00

Spring is here, the days are longer and warmer, more insects about on the river edges and the trout are fat and happy as well as the anglers with good numbers in the local tributaries. Rivers are low and clear which makes fishing a bit more tricky but if you use the right methods you will still have some great fishing. So what are the right methods you say.....nothing new but keep your flies small and do not use gold beads or anything flashy. I find the length of leader or size of indicator makes little difference compared to the size of flies. I like keeping my leaders as short as possible, it makes for easy accurate casting, the strike is much more direct and playing/landing the fish is a lot easier. 6 to 8 lb leader depending on where you are fishing, heavier if you need to stop fish from going down a rapid or onto some snags. 1st Oct opens up our back country rivers and will produce some fantastic fishing opportunities, these fish have not seen an angler since July so will be very easy to catch until they start to become educated ! Lets hope for a great summer with trout smashing big terrestrial dry's !

Fishing report 22 July

Fishing report 22 July

Tuesday, 22 July 2014 14:47

The Taupo spawning runs are well under way, glo bugs and split shot with 8lb Maxima and 8ft leader is the way to go. Have just come back from 2 hours on the river hooking 25 fish, most got away as i just locked up on them and pulled the hook. Most fish were in the 3lb range with a couple in the 7lb straightening the hook.with the 6wgt bent in half. Also i did not see another angler or car !! 

Simon and Kat

Taupo winter fishing Report

Saturday, 12 July 2014 13:25

The Taupo spawning tributaries are fishing well with nice size and conditioned rainbows. I have just had Simon and daughter Kat out for a few days fishing.  We fished the Hinimaia, Tongariro,Waiotaka, Tauranga Taupo, Waipunga and Mohaka. The Waipunga and Mohaka were too high and didn't fish well for us but the other rivers were fishing very well with well over 30 fish landed with many more long range releases. Best flies were the glo bugs and pheasant tails. We fished about a rod length 8lb maxima,nothing fancy with plenty of split shot to get the flies down. Yes, you can go with lighter flies and still catch fish but this is the most effective way in faster flowing water. The rivers will only get better as the season progresses as the fish enter the tributaries for spawning and should peak around September with the most numbers in the rivers.


Taupo spawning rivers

Taupo spawning rivers

Friday, 23 May 2014 12:00

Taupo spawning tributaries are holding some nice rainbows, a good early start to the spawning season. Although not in big numbers some nice 2kg fresh rainbows can be found providing some rod bending action. 8lb line for the Hini and 6lb for the TT should be enough with 6wgt rods. I find Pheasant tails when low and clear and of course the glow bugs when fishing down lower or when some colour in the rivers. The white caddis on the Tongariro when low and clear often is the fly of choice with the PT. The Lake is still providing some good action, early morning harling and of course the downriggers providing some good fish as well. Back country rivers are still open so if you are keen for some adventure and great fishing give me a call. Have fun out there and stay safe !

Cicada Action Hot

Cicada Action Hot

Wednesday, 19 February 2014 08:56

Big Cicada's are offering the angler some great top water action on some rivers while others are still best fished nymphing. Dry and dropper is always a good option, best of both worlds, you can usually take the dropper off around midday as the trout tend to look towards surface feeding as the day really heats up and the big terrestrial insects get more active. On the lake the fishing is just getting better paticuarly the jigging and pays to be very selective on which fish you decide to keep. If the fish has a small head in relation to its body size that is a good indicator that the fish is in great condition and the flesh will be a nice pink colour and great eating. Get out there and have some summer fun as the winter will be here before we know it!

Great Dry Fly Action on Rivers

Great Dry Fly Action on Rivers

Monday, 06 January 2014 13:00

Dry fly action was fantastic on wet/cold Monday with close to 25 fish hooked on a big terrestrial dry . Last time on this river one week ago evrything was on the nymph and this time all on the dry, that good that we took the dry dropper rig to solely the dry. About time we had some great dry fly action and long may it continue. 

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